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DMCH Ludhiana’s NRI Family Medical Care Plan, A Peace Of Mind For NRIs

Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana Punjab’s initiative called “NRI Family Medical Care Plan” has come as ablessing for many. NRIs can avail of this plan for their Parents, Family members and Near & Dears to fulfill all their health-related needs and be relaxed while working out of the country.
‘I recently got to know about the ‘NRI Family Medical Care Plan’ from DMC&H, Ludhiana and I think this program can give peace of mind for so many NRIs like me, who are living far away from our families. I will defiently reach out to the concerned person to know more about the program,” said Kawaljeet Kaur, a 33 year old supply chain management consultant from Punjab, India.
The members included in this plan will be given a membership card with the hospital’s contact details. Whenever a member has any health-related need they can call these contact numbers and a hospital ambulance will bring the patient from their home to the hospital and start the treatment.
DMC&H Hospital Medical Professionals : The NRIs will be regularly provided with all the treatment-related information of the patient. They will be kept updated about the condition so that they are assured of the best possible medical care and are free from any worries in this regard.
Harveer Dhillon who works as a marketing professional in mississauga since 4 years said, “I was told about this program by a friend and my instant reaction was a sigh of relief as my mother is father is 74 years old and I constantly think of his health. DMC&H Ludhiana is a renowned hospital, probably the best in north India and it is a welcome move from them to introduce such a plan.”
DMC&H Pharmasy :
After the patient recovers and is discharged from the Hospital, the Patient will be taken to Home by Hospital Ambulance. A discharge summary mentioning the complete treatment given and information about further treatment/medicines to be taken will be sent to the NRI through email to update the latest condition. Under this plan, all possible efforts have been made by DMC Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab, so that NRIs do not have to worry about the health-related issues of their family members and close relatives. NRIs can contact +91 932 932 9327 or email at [email protected] to avail of this plan. Parvasi Media Group

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