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Parents looking match for Sikh suitable match for their handsome son July 1977 born, 5’11”, B.Engg., MBA, working as a software consultant, issue less divorce, currently receding in Canada on visitor visa. Sister is well settled in Canada. Call for more info. 437-988-3210 or send biodata and pics to [email protected]
T1: 871-74

Saini Sikh boy, 29 years, 5’8”, graduate, boy is in Canada on work permit, looking for a Canadian Citizen/PR girl. Widow/divorce can also be considered. For more info. Call: 647-863-5495 or 647-456-8812
T2: 870-74

Looking for a suitable match, for Amritdhari Singh Age – 24 yrs., Education – B. Tech (Civil Engineering), Height – 5’8″, Status – Visitor visa (Presently in Canada)
Looking for a Canadian PR/citizen girl. Boy’s Uncle (Mama ji) well settled in Toronto. For more information call: 647-960-4346.
T1: 868-71

Looking for a suitable professional match for a smart Sikh Saini PR boy working in mechanical profession, 6’, 1989 born, preferred well educated girl from a good family background. Caste no bar. Please contact 647-807-0033 or 94174 03668 or email [email protected]
T2: 867-70

Khatri Sikh family seeking well qualified beautiful match for their Canadian PR well qualified, well settled, handsome, clean shaven boy, feb1989 born, 5’10”, born and brought up in Chandigarh, Convent educated, B.Tech Computer Science (India), 2 Post Graduate diplomas(Canada). One younger brother also Canadian PR. Parents are currently in Canada on Super Visa. Must decide soon. If interested please call 226-927-8106 or email: [email protected]
WhatsApp no.
91 70879
T1: 865-68
Looking for a suitable professional match for a Smart Sikh Prajapat Canadian Citizen boy, working as Pharmacist, 5′-11″, 1987. Looking for a fair, tall educated girl. Please Contact @647-718-4900; +91-9815402919 or Email: [email protected]
T2: 865-68

Mair Rajput boy, 81 born, 5’9”, B.Com., visitor in Canada, looking for a Canadian citizen/PR girl. Boy’s whole family is well settled in Canada. Caste not bar. For more info. Call 647-852-8317 or 905-875-1030
T1: 864-67

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