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Flower City Friends Club Radiates Warmth on Lohri Night: A Heartfelt Mission for Cancer Survivors and a $1000.00 Boost for William Osler Hospital

Brampton, January 28, 2028 – The Flower City Friends Club illuminated the Multicultural Lohri Festival with purpose and compassion at the Century Gardens Recreation Centre. In a touching display of commitment, the women members of the club hand-knitted hats, extending a generous gesture to cancer survivors. Mrs. Samar Sayed graciously accepted the hats on behalf of William Osler Hospital, expressing heartfelt gratitude for the thoughtful contribution.
The Honorable Mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor, applauding the club’s efforts and giving special recognition to the dedicated ladies whose contributions made this noble cause possible. As the evening unfolded, the caring and sharing nature of the members became apparent, creating a sense of unity for the benefit of seniors and those who deserve it most. Mr. Gian Paul, the club’s Director, shared the proactive steps taken by the club to address employment challenges in Brampton, stemming from the influx of international students and new immigrants. He urged collaboration with the City of Brampton and the federal government to establish a job bank, fostering mutual benefits for small businesses and job seekers alike.
Chief Guest Mr. Shafqt Ali and Members of Parliament extended congratulations for the commendable work undertaken by the club. In addition to their benevolent act, the Flower City Friends Club presented a $1000.00 donation to support the ongoing initiatives at William Osler Hospital. Notable attendees included Regional Councillors Rowena Santos and Paul Vancente, as well as Mr. Maninder Sidhu and Ruby Sahota MP from Brampton.
The event was not only purposeful but also entertaining, featuring cultural activities such as traditional songs, solo performances, and Gidha. Attendees relished ethnic snacks and delectable food, enhancing the festive atmosphere. The evening, infused with a spirit of caring and sharing, created a memorable sense of unity among the members, especially for the noble cause benefiting seniors and those deserving the most. Flower City Friends Club, a social seniors club, continues to be a beacon of positivity in Brampton. Dedicated to alleviating isolation among seniors, the club actively addresses their concerns while significantly contributing to the betterment of the city and its residents.

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