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MCBP Gavel Club receives the Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Award!

logo-2-1-300x105-3-300x105The Mississauga Youth Action Committee hosted its annual Youth Achievement Awards on May 7th, 2016 to present four very prestigious awards: Mississauga Young Citizen of the Year, Mississauga Library Jim Wilde Young Volunteer Award, TD Sponsored Community Citizenship Award and the Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Award.
The Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Awardis presented to one exceptional individual and one group of individuals who have successfully undertaken large-scale projects and initiatives. The recipients play leadership roles in their community and serve as ideal role models to others. The MCBP Gavel Club was the group recipient for this distinguished award.
Malton Community Building Project (MCBP) Gavel Club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International and has been serving the youth of Malton since June, 2014. MCBP Gavel club is aimed to equip the community’s youth with effective communication and leadership skills under the mentorship of seasoned Toastmasters. The club provides mutually supportive learning in a friendly environment to develop the members’ public speaking abilities and leadership skills through speeches, evaluations and impromptu speaking. Over the past two years, the MCBP Gavel Club has trained over 85 community youth and hosted two large-scale conferences as well.
Club members sent the following video submission for the Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Award and were selected among applicants from all over the city of Mississauga: https://youtu.be/trIyY1a3jr8

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