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Dayanand Medical College & Hospital Ludhiana,Punjab,India

of Eye
Surgical facilities available
 Sutureless Cataract Surgery with premium IOLs
 Treatment of eye disease in children
 Advanced vitreo -retinal surgeries for retinal detachment
Laser treatment for Proliferative diabetic retinopathy
 ROP screening, Ret cam imaging and laser treatment for preterm newborns
Injection BOTOX for eye problems
DCR Surgery
Management of ocular trauma
 Intravitreal anti VEGF injection for various eye disease
 Treatment for all kinds of simple and complicated squints
Intraocular foreign body removal
Lid surgery: Ptosis
Corneal Transplant
Glaucoma Surgery
OPD Complex
Equipped with Ophthalmic chair
3 slit lamp microscopes
Humphery Automated Perimeter, A-Scan and B- Scan
Digital Fundus Angiography unit
OCT for Anterior and Posterior segment
OT Complex
Equipped with 2 latest microscope
Oertli vitrectomy unit with 0S3 Vitrex, Alcon
Phacoemulsification unit
Double frequency Nd-Yag laser unit
Department of Dentistry
State of the Art Facilities
Advance Dental Care
Cosmetic Dentistry
Oral Surgery
Restorations and RCT
Pediatrics Dentistry
Preventive Dentistry
Implants and Impactions
Expert team of Doctors & Supporting staff
Facility of Digital Xray & OPG
Well equipped Ceramic lab
 Fast Track Hip & Knee Joint Replacement program (Arthroplasty)
 Sports Injury and Key Hole Surgery (Knee, Shoulder & Hip Arthroscopy)
 Pelvic Injury & Complex trauma management services
 State of the art Joint Reconstruction Facilities
 Fracture care
 Special Geriatric Orthopedic Unit
 Spine Clinic
 Hand Clinic
 Pediatric Orthopedics
 Computer assisted surgery
 Deformity correction Surgery
 Super specialty physiotherapy services
 24 Hours Emergency services
 Arthroscopy for keyhole surgery for joints
 Image Intensifier
 State of the art Operation Theatre with modern equipment
 Special Cabin for Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery
 Centrally air conditioned indoor facilities with food & drug services available at bedside
DMCH Infertility & IVF Unit
 IVF with self and donor oocytes
 ICSI and Laser Hatching for previous IVF failure cases
 IUI with husband / Donor sperms
 Surrogacy
 Egg/Sperm/ Embryo freezing before chemotherapy
 Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
 Fertility enhancing surgeries
 Workup and counselling with patients
 Management of male factor sub fertility
 Management of female factor sub fertility
 Ovulation Induction
 Intra uterine insemination(IUI)
 Blastocyst culture
 Egg Donation
 Donor sperm / sperm banking
 Embryo donation
 Cryo-preservation prior to cancer treatment
 Surgical sperm retrieval for Azoospermia (TESA/PESA)
 Semen DNA fragmentation
 Semen morphology
Equipments & Infrastructure
Laser Hatching
High Live Birth Rate & Healthy babies
Advanced technology
State of art Labour Room and Neonatal Unit
Expert team of doctors and dedicated staff
High quality infertility treatments with affordable cost


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